End of Lease Process

End of Lease Options at Cadillac of Naperville

As you approach the end of your Cadillac of Naperville lease, it is important to have an idea of what you’d like to do next. At the end of your lease, Cadillac of Naperville offers several options to choose from, including; leasing a new Cadillac, purchasing a new Cadillac, or purchasing your leased Cadillac! Cadillac of Naperville will work with you to decide which end-of-lease option is best for you.

Return Your Cadillac Lease

If you choose to return your Cadillac lease, Cadillac of Naperville will inspect it for wear, and mileage. Our service center will inspect your leased Cadillac to determine if there was “normal” or “excess” wear, if “excess” wear is indicated, you may incur additional charges. After the inspection process, our sales managers will evaluate the parameters of your leased Cadillac, and discuss whether there are additional lease charges.

Following that, our team will help you determine which lease end process would be best for you, and explain Cadillac’s current rates and incentives. If you choose to custom order your next Cadillac, Cadillac of Naperville Finance experts can extend your current lease until your next vehicle arrives.

Lease a New Cadillac

If you’re interested in the latest amenities and technology, want the updated model of the vehicle you’ve been leasing, or have your eyes on another model, leasing a new Cadillac could be a great option. This allows you to stay with Cadillac, without being tied to a lengthy lease.

What are the benefits of leasing a new Cadillac?

  • New warranty coverage.
  • Get advanced technology and performance updates.
  • Choose a new Cadillac model.

Purchase a New Cadillac

If you’re interested in putting your personal touches on your next Cadillac, choosing to purchase a new Cadillac at the end of your lease may be the best option for you. When you are approaching the end of your lease, browse through our new and Certified Pre-Owned Cadillac inventory to find exactly what you are looking for.

What are the benefits of purchasing a new Cadillac?

  • Ability to customize your Cadillac.
  • No mileage limits.
  • You have the opportunity to sell your Cadillac if you ever choose to.
  • Once you’ve paid off your Cadillac, you no longer have monthly payments.

Purchase Your Current Cadillac

If you’re happy with your current lease, consider buying your leased vehicle. Our financing team will sit down with you while we develop a finance plan that you can seamlessly transition into at the end of your lease.

To get started with purchasing your current leased Cadillac, our finance team will calculate the depreciation incurred during the lease of your Cadillac. Once we determine the value, we will help you seamlessly transition from lease payments into a monthly financing plan.

What are the benefits of buying my current lease?

  • You are the only owner.
  • Your Cadillac will be priced like our Certified Pre-Owned inventory.
  • You can still enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the remaining factory warranty coverage.

Contact or Stop by Cadillac of Naperville Today

At Cadillac of Naperville, our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you determine which lease end option is right for you, and walk you through the next steps of the process. At our dealership, you can choose from leasing a new Cadillac, purchasing a new Cadillac, or purchasing your leased Cadillac. Regardless of which lease end option you choose, we will offer competitive pricing, and our finance team will develop a competitive finance or lease plan for you.

Lease-End FAQs

  1. Lease a new Cadillac
  2. Purchase a new Cadillac
  3. Purchase your leased Cadillac

This is the date when your lease agreement ends and your vehicle should be returned to Cadillac of Naperville (unless you choose the option to purchase your leased vehicle).

Your leased vehicle should be turned in at your originating Cadillac dealer by your scheduled lease maturity date. We recommend contacting the dealer to schedule your lease turn-in appointment approximately 30 days before the end of your lease.

Like you, we hope you have no charges on your lease-end, but it’s possible these may be included, if applicable:

  1. Excess wear and use
  2. Excess mileage
  3. Disposition fee
  4. Any past due and unpaid monthly payments
  5. Any other miscellaneous charges (e.g., unpaid late payment fees, taxes, tolls)
  6. Any other charges due under the terms of your lease agreement if your lease was terminated early

Buying your leased Cadillac is a great option! Stop by Cadillac of Naperville, and we will determine and discuss your pay-off quote.

Just bring your vehicle back to Cadillac of Naperville at the end of your lease and they can help you with the rest.

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